Brand Concept

LucidLink’s brand represents the unlimited potential of the usage of our cloud-native technology making it seamlessly accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Logo Concept

The LucidLink logo consists of three intersecting circles that together resemble a cloud icon. The result of such an intersection is strong and modern signage based on fundamental mathematical principles.

Logo Construction

The circular shapes play an important role in LucidLink’s brand identity.

Since the very dawn of mankind, the circle has had a divine, sacred symbolism with a vast majority of interpretations in every culture, on each continent. First of all the circle symbolizes the sun, the very nature of life. Thus the circular shape embodies the essence of energy, power, and growth. The circle embeds the feeling of infinity, it gives the impression of divine and timeless, imposing the feeling of balance, stability, and security.

Brand voice

Our brand voice should reflect our core values. We talk with passion, confidence, and compassion. We do not judge, we do not push or tell people how to live their life or what to use, we just give them an innovative technology that will make their life easier. We are always available for advice, support, and help.

We strive to build a trusting and respectful relationship through open communication. To achieve that we sound professional and friendly at the same time.

Our Brand voice is

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Collaborative
  • Open
  • Supportive
  • Passionate
  • Confident

Our Brand voice is NOT

  • Egocentric
  • Demanding
  • Pretentious
  • Rude


We keep our sentences structure simple, short, and easy to understand. We do not use exclamation marks, bullet lists longer than 7 points, and paragraphs containing more than 7 sentences.


Title case

We capitalize all first letters of every major word in our titles. We use LucidLink Application Design, not LucidLink application design.


Bullet list

Every bullet list begins with a sentence and ends with a colon. Every item in the bullet list has to be treated as a sentence – it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.


Use of the ‚ÄúLucidLink‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúFilespace‚ÄĚ names in text

When referring to our company, the full name is LucidLink Corporation. When referring to our products, LucidLink Filespaces should be written as two words with capital L and capital F.

Misuse of LucidLink:

  • Lucidlink
  • lucidlink
  • Lucid link
  • Lucid Link
  • LUCID link
  • lucid link

Misuse of Filespace

  • File space
  • file space
  • FILE Space